The Dutch Floor Testing Company conducts measurements on all ESD floors. 

ESD Floor 

IEC 61340-5-1: 2016 
Electrostatics – Part 5-1 
Protection of electronic elements against electrostatic phenomena – General requirements 

NPR 8868: 2019 NL 
Evaluation protocol for the electrostatic properties of an installed ESD flooring system. 
The Netherlands Code of Practice, NPR 8868, provides support in the drafting of a protocol for the specification and testing of the electrical properties of electrostatically safe flooring systems that are still to be built, or in the maintenance/upgrading of existing flooring systems. 

The ESD measurement provides clarity on the safety of your ESD floor. 
ESD standard EN/IEC 61340-5-1:2016 // NPR  8868: 2019 NL 
We are aware of the current ESD standards.  
MIJtech, as a flooring expert, is a member of the Dutch NEN standard committee TC 101 electrostatics. 
MIJtech has developed ESD training courses and teaches these to future ESD flooring experts. 

Isolating floor coatings that prevent dust may lead to uncontrolled discharges of the floor. ESD (Electro Static Discharge) floors prevent the build-up of electrostatic charging.  A floor that is not statically charged cannot have an uncontrolled discharge. One can think of e.g. operating rooms, computer rooms, high tech production facilities. Without adequate measures such a static charge makes human beings a risk factor for e.g. electronics. Components in these rooms must be protected against discharges. The presence of an ESD floor is an important element in the safety for components and humans and offers protection against discharges. 

Safety for components 
The present standard for the safety of components indicates a tension build-up not exceeding 100 V. This is measured with the Walking Test, in conformity with the standard EN 61340-4-5. With the current techniques even build-ups below 5 V can be realised. Even in case of a relative humidity of only 12%! MIJtech has conducted research into this in a climate chamber. 

Safety for humans (previously NEN 1010) 
For the safety of humans the lower limit of the resistance to ground of the floor with regard to the earth is relevant. If this is applicable, we advise a resistance to ground of at least 50  in case of 500 V (previously NEN 1010 / DIN 1081). This is not regulated in a standard! 

MIJtech is involved in the development of ESD systems, and of the standard these must meet.  Moreover, we observe the operation of the ESD systems in practice. The ESD certificates issued by us are valid for a maximum period of 12 months. Hereafter a remeasurement is required. During the years we have acquired a wealth of information on the functioning of ESD floors that have been used for several years. 

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